Where are the big ideas?

‘Underwhelming’ seems to be the overwhelming feedback from business on the Queen’s speech this year. Commentators of all persuasions felt there was far too little in there designed to kick start growth…  The big issue was how we are going to make it easier for people to build successful businesses here. There are lots of areas that need to be tackled but the big ones for me, as someone who has done this, is the issue of regulation and the need for investment. The government has made noises about reducing regulation and investing in small businesses time and time again, and there are measures in the bill that are designed to help but as John Cridland, the director general of the CBI said ‘the test for this Queen’s speech is whether it will help businesses to grow. Two stand out for me: energy and regulatory reform. The first should help but the jury is out on the second.’ As for investment… there is still little sign that this government has any inclination to put its money where its mouth is…


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