Sexy tech

An X Factor-style TV show for techies? Wow. It’s a shame that British business can’t show the same level of enthusiasm.
Recently I attended the CIO Summit and there were some fascinating presentations. Richard Hodkinson from law firm DWF LLP on how he had rolled out Yammer internally to help increase collaboration, and Shaun Mundy from engineers Buro Happold on Agile – great examples of innovation led by UK CIOs with predominantly UK IT teams.
Unfortunately the same cannot be said for all our companies. I appreciate that being a business is not to be a charity – but it’s a national disgrace that of the big companies that backed Cameron’s Silicon Parking Space only one of them was British.
The fact is that investing in innovation is not just good for the economy, it’s good for business too. Equally importantly, it could be damaging for both if we don’t invest in it. It’s time British brands woke up to the talent that’s here and showed a bit more commitment to the UK.


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