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My New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to rant less and do more…

What do I mean by that? Well I bang on a lot about the importance of CIOs in the UK supporting our start-ups so I have decided that I need to do more to encourage that. In my last article for the CIO Magazine I listed a number of start-ups/ start-up support organisations that have inspired me. The aim is to encourage CIOs to find out a little bit more about them, see what they think and how they can get involved. Whether it’s setting them a business challenge, encouraging their own companies to provide support/ mentors or just looking at an exchange of idea – every CIO in this country can benefit not just the start-up communities but also the organisations they work for by connecting with British innovators. Moving forward I am going to be using this blog to profile some more of these bright sparks so I encourage to take a look… maybe add a few of your own… and lets make some connections!

Here are a few to get us started…


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