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Sexy tech

An X Factor-style TV show for techies? Wow. It’s a shame that British business can’t show the same level of enthusiasm.
Recently I attended the CIO Summit and there were some fascinating presentations. Richard Hodkinson from law firm DWF LLP on how he had rolled out Yammer internally to help increase collaboration, and Shaun Mundy from engineers Buro Happold on Agile – great examples of innovation led by UK CIOs with predominantly UK IT teams.
Unfortunately the same cannot be said for all our companies. I appreciate that being a business is not to be a charity – but it’s a national disgrace that of the big companies that backed Cameron’s Silicon Parking Space only one of them was British.
The fact is that investing in innovation is not just good for the economy, it’s good for business too. Equally importantly, it could be damaging for both if we don’t invest in it. It’s time British brands woke up to the talent that’s here and showed a bit more commitment to the UK.


Tech Factor

After a little summer hiatus i’m back. My summer was filled with the kind of tech that I love – the kind that changes lives… watching the Paralympics it struck me that technology has immense power to do good. Technology has become sexy – no doubt about it and that can only be a good thing. We want our kids to aspire to be developers and inventors. And it appears that celebrities agree. Will-i-am is in negotiations with producers in the US to develop a show which would be a kind of X-Factor for young developers …

… not sure that all applications developed by teenagers are prime time friendly but its very encouraging nonethelesss…

Creative edge

Great Minds Wanted! Really interesting to see the British press getting behind the drive to find and develop the UK’s next wave of digital champions ( What was particularly heartwarming was this wasn’t the usual case of dressing social/ design up as digital. As well as the creatives and entrepreneurs this competition was all about finding the developers too. Competitions like this are a great first step but to be successful in the long term we need to ensure that the apprenticeships and internships on offer become jobs. It is very easy for businesses to offer an internship its far more difficult for them to commit to long term roles….

Hear hear